Branding Scheme and Mobile Application for the preservation and promotion of common traditional gastronomy

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Detailed description of the project: 
The project aims to boost local economy through addressing issues like promotion of traditional gastronomy and tourism in general, economic cooperation and sustainable use of natural resources. 
Overall objectives include:
  • Preservation and promotion of c/b traditional gastronomy;
  • Development of a new integrated sustainable tourism product for the promotion of the cb area as a tourist destination. Link to programme: It aims to address a common challenge – sustainable tourism development, attraction of quality tourists – through a joint intervention; CBTB will be jointly applied in the c/b area, it will provide a holistic approach for the development of a common tourism product. The objectives will be achieved through intense cooperation of local entrepreneurs, producers and professional associations and in accordance with EU and national policies (Overall strategy of programme). It is also directly related to the specific objective 2.1, since it aims to preserve and promote traditional gastronomy of the c/b area as a common cultural asset as a prerequisite for tourism development
Specific objectives: 
  • Development of new integrated brand based on traditional gastronomy of the c/b area providing an integrated sustainable tourism product
  • Use of new innovative tools (mobile application) for the promotion of CBTB, to attract a wider variety of potential tourists & raise the interest towards the c/b area
  • Promotion of cultural activities and assets of the c/b area through the uploading of information on events &cultural attractions along with traditional cuisine
  • Study & analysis of the current situation in traditional gastronomy & the use of local quality products
  • Motivation for the production/ cultivation of local products, since their promotion through local traditional gastronomy aims to affect the total demand of local products
  • Establishment of a permanent network of co-operation between producers, tourism enterprises & tourists
  • Enhancement of the co-operation with producers of local/ traditional products of the cb area
  • Increase the satisfaction of tourists through their acquaintance with the local products and cuisine of the c/b area.
Project is implemented in cooperation with Chamber of Grevena, Chamber of Corfu, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vlora, National Coastal Agency 
In the framework of Project implementation, the EcoPartners for Sustainable Development is looking for: