SNV Albania, The Netherlands Development Organisation: Establishment of Albanian Rural Organizations Network

  • Posted on: 1 May 2013
  • By: admin
Sustainable Development
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Detailed description of the project: 
Implementation of the project will be made by a consortium composed of Europartners and ECOPartners for Sustainable DevelopmentECOPartners will contribute as a partner in project implementation.
Main objective of the project is: Rising awareness and facilitate the establishment and registration of National Rural Organizations’ Network, in Albania, enabling its members to be introduced and promote their voice as active actors for discussing the national papers for ARD program.
Specific objectives are:
  1. Awareness raising  and network  building a – to expand, strengthen and formalise the network of people and organisations who exist, are or wish to be involved in rural development initiatives in the Promali project commodities: Fruit Trees-FT, Small Ruminants-SR and Herbs and Spices – H&S and in the Promali operation area.
  2. To establish ANRON with fully consensus of existing local rural organisations, local authorities (in the Promali operation area) and register as per the requirements of the national legislation framework and EU practice based on LEADER methodology.
  3. To provide information – or ensure the provision of, clear effective and systematic information about the government's plans and programmes, tenders, legislation etc, and about other sources of advice, grant-aid etc in the field of rural development organizations. 
  4. To train ANRON – energise those who have the formal role and the resources, for those who are in key positions within the network, particularly the leaders and animators of rural development programmes, in order to insert ideas where they will have the greatest multiplier effect of this network, through advice, development plans, information, workshops, seminars, field trips etc.;
  5. To provide ANRON with a sustainable development/business plan